Covid-19 has impacted all of us to a certain extent, be it our work environment or lifestyle changes in which we have to adapt to. Despite these new changes, we have managed to survive through it all. This calls upon us to take better care of ourselves so that we can support ourselves better. 

Importance of self-care
Self-care is crucial in keeping you recharged for the day. After a long day with your daily responsibilities, it is important to take time off to focus on your well-being. Otherwise, after long periods of neglecting self-care, it may lead to effects such as being unproductive at work to feeling burnout from stress.  

Here are some simple ways to keep yourself in check: 

#1 Take a nice hot shower
Hot water helps to relax tense muscles, soothing both our physical and mental state. Also, it induces you to sleep. 

#2 Play your favourite music playlist
Music has always been a great way to set the mood as it helps us to loosen up. In fact, it promotes peace and relaxation. Time to pick your favourite playlist and perk up your night! 

#3 Bring out the scents in your room
Out of all the five senses, smell has the strongest influence on brain activity.

By using some scents, it allows the mind to unwind as messages are sent to the brain to distress. When trying to set your relaxing atmosphere, try to use a scent like lavender or jasmine. 

#4 Mask up for your skin
We face daily struggles which may cause us to neglect our skincare routine at times. Take this opportunity to create your very own spa session!

Start off with a WATER INFUSION Mask which deeply hydrates the skin to replenish, awake and soften dull and tired-looking skin while providing complexion and soothing benefits. It works wonders for sensitive skin!

Pair it up with either the DEWY Love Kit to enhance hydration and suppleness or LIGHTEN ME Mini Me Facial Kit to give your skin a glowing complexation!

P.s. Splurge a little in treating your skin well with The Gold Standard Skincare Kit, which contains anti-aging properties that will rejuvenate your skin to stay youthful!  

#5 Sleep early
Sleep has always been important to refresh our minds so that it is ready to take on the next set of challenges the following day. With a clearer mind, you are able to make better decisions, allowing you to push through the day with ease! 

Set a strict bedtime to follow and let your body and mind to rest after a long day. 

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