Tiktok videos have always been interestingly quirky with creative content! From meme creations to trying out life hacks, we all have spent countless hours scrolling through (guilty as charged!) But just how much can we trust the internet?

Let’s check out some beauty hacks and see how effective they are.

Beauty hack #1: A DIY mask that will help to clear up your skin from acne!

Using two natural ingredients, honey and turmeric, @Bondenavant creates a thick layer over her face which she leaves for 15 minutes and washes the mask off. 

While it does seem simple enough to make, it does lack essential ingredients that are antibacterial like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids. These ingredients help to fight off acne-causing bacteria.

Instead, try the Brightening Vitamin C Mask! Packed with salicylic acid, it helps to clear the pores while brightening the skin with Vitamin C.

Beauty hack #2: The secret to de-puffing under eyes

@mianicolewilson7 shares some useful tips in avoiding puffy eyes and dark circles, which I do agree with some like using a chilled spoon or a roller over the eyes! However, realistically speaking, do we even got the time to prepare chilled items beforehand?

Instead, check out EMERALD OIL Vitamin-enriched Anti-aging Eye Treatment! Formulated with natural ingredients such as organic grapeseed, chamomile and rosehip oil, it aims to smooth, tone and brighten the eye area. Also, with its roll-on application, it helps in supporting circulation and reduces the puffiness on the eyes. Just roll and go!

Beauty hack #3: Making those stubborn false eyelashes stay on throughout the day

Using an eyelash glue, @alliealbeno suggests applying it in a similar manner to an eyeliner and place it as close to your eyelashes as possible. After which, she applies another layer of glue to the extensions and places them on her eyelashes.

As much as I want my false eyelashes to stay put, it got me thinking: what happens if the glue that is used to attach these extensions damage my eyelashes? Now that’s something I would definitely want to avoid!

Thankfully, there are other alternatives, like Fabu-lash treatment! With the use of natural ingredients, protein and peptides, this treatment promises to thicken, darken and promote the growth of your eyelashes. It only takes 15 minutes to transform your lashes from bleah to wow!

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