Ever heard of puffy lips? I am sure we all have, thanks to celebrity Kylie Jenner that popularised those luscious lips! When it comes to a woman’s lips, what matters most are the fullness, the shape, the smoothness and softness of it.

Why is there a desire for pouty lips? 

#1 For the confidence boost
Insecurities come in many shapes and forms and for some, enhancing their natural smile could help to bolster one’s sense of confidence.

#2 For the curves
Adding some roundness to the shape of one’s lips makes a world of a difference as compared to using a lip liner or a lipstick to try to achieve a similar result.

#3 For the younger look
As we age, our lips will naturally thin out and develop wrinkles above our mouths. This causes the lips to appear puckered. It is only normal to want to restore our natural feature!

The secret behind those luscious lips 

Lip fillers focus on two things to improve on: definition and volume of the lips.

For definition, the border of the lips is the key factor in creating the desired shape. Nicely defined lips will be able to show a natural pout.

For volume, this tends to appeal to those who wish to achieve a poutier and sexier look. However, it is important to note that the volume for each client may differ as it would be dependent on the face shape and other features to balance out the proportion of one’s face.

There are a few brands of fillers that aesthetic clinics will use and one which is specifically designed for the lips would be Restylane Kysse. This particular brand is a soft hyaluronic acid filler, making it easier to help one achieve both definition and volume of the lips.

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Taking only 30 to 45 minutes, this procedure is quick and the results can be seen immediately. And just in case you don’t like what you see, fillers are reversible. Hyalase, an enzyme used in fillers, helps to break up hyaluronic acid.

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