I am pretty sure we have all heard of the unsightly panda eyes, the look that describes the dark circles, intense eyebags and those puffy eyes. It can be frustrating at times especially when people tell us that we look always tired despite getting ample hours of sleep. 

From the various remedies like applying expensive eye creams to using an eye-roller, it seems like an endless battle in getting rid of these pesky panda eyes. So why does it still persist? 

The following are the possible reasons: 

  1. Genetic causes, whereby the eyebags are physical attributes that run in the family
  2. Lifestyle choices such as (a) alcohol consumption, (b) lack of sleep from caffeine intake and/or (c) a high-salt diet, which causes retention of water on the skin, leading to swelling under the eyes
  3. Thinning of skin around the eye area, resulting in a sunken appearance
  4. Loss of collagen and firmness in the skin due to the aging process, causing the eyebags will sag and droop outwards
  5. Allergy reactions like congestion and inflammation can cause the blood vessels near the eye area to dilate, giving a darker appearance 

If such remedies can only temporarily solve the issue, are there other alternatives?

Revitalift Eye

Known as undereye fillers, this FDA-approved treatment is trending as a non-invasive method in improving the appearance of dark undereye circles. Made of hyaluronic acid, these fillers help to add volume to the eye area by stretching the skin. This helps to reduce the dark shadows as it plumps the sunken areas, giving the eye area a more refreshed look. For those who are more concerned about their eye bags, fillers are able to camouflage them as well.

However, it is important to take note that fillers may not be as effective with dark circles caused by darker pigmentation. Rather than solving the issue, it can actually accentuate these dark circles. 

Afraid your filler might turn out to be your worst nightmare? Seek professional advice from SW1 clinic with doctors who are able to guide you on the type of fillers best suited to you! 

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