Botox has become one of the rising trends in the beauty aesthetics industry for 2 reasons: (a) it gives individuals a refreshed and youthful look while maintaining a natural appearance and (b) its quick downtime with results expected to be seen within a few days.

Also known as anti-wrinkle injections, this treatment targets the muscles that cause contractions. It uses a form of purified protein, which blocks the nerve signals that affect these muscles. This will, in turn, help to smoothen out the lines, which gradually makes the wrinkles appear softer and less obvious. 

While it is commonly compared to dermal fillers, both of these treatments address different issues. Botox particularly caters for the root cause of crow’s feet and forehead lines while fillers adds volume to various areas of your face, such as the cheeks and the lips. 

Now that you get the gist of what Botox can do for you, here are 3 things to understand when considering a Botox treatment.

1)Botox is not your one-time solution to remove wrinkles

Typically, the effects of these injections can last from 3 to 6 months, depending on each individual. Subsequently, as the muscle contractions return, these effects will fade away. 

To counter this effect, a simple repeat treatment is all it takes to maintain the desired appearance. This does not mean that the treatment is not effective. It just means it would take a few sessions of Botox to achieve the most optimal results. 

2) Regular use of Botox trains your muscles to relax 

When Botox is continuously used over a long period of time, your muscles will learn not to produce wrinkle-forming expressions as aggressively as before, such as frowning your brows or squinting your eyes. This is due to your unconscious self that becomes more aware after the effects of toxins from the Botox wear off.

3) Botox acts as a preventative measure towards early signs of aging

As we age, the fine lines on our faces will start to deepen. With Botox’s active ingredients like purified protein, it is able to delay the formation of wrinkles as the muscle movements are reduced. This explains the trend in individuals getting a Botox treatment as early as in their 20s. In addition, if Botox is done properly in the early stages of life, individuals will not require as many treatments in the future.

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