When is the last time you have gotten the chance to treat yourself to a relaxing day? A self-care day doesn’t need to take too much of your time (although, yes, you should take some time off for yourself once in a while). 

While we may think the act of self-care requires a lot from ourselves, in reality, it can be attributed to 3 key areas: (a) our physical appearance, (b) our mental well-being and (c) our emotional state. Our physical appearance can affect the way we view ourselves while both our mental wellbeing and our emotional state can affect the way we feel about ourselves. 

Particularly, our physical appearance plays a big role when it comes to our perception of ourselves. When we groom ourselves well, we would be able to perform better in our tasks as we feel more confident and at ease to take on the challenges. 

Here are some tips on how we could take better care of our physical self, especially in the uncertain times we live in:

For our face: 

Our face is one of the first signs that indicate our emotional and mental well-being. By presenting ourselves well, we can face the day head-on as we look refreshed. Even though there may be times we feel a little lethargic to doll ourselves, a cleansed face can still brighten your day! 

All it takes is just two things: 

1. Facial cleanser – Helps to remove impurities such as excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells

Meet Skin Laundry II Replenish Rose Gold Cleanser, an ultra-brightening facial cleanser that leaves your skin fresh and smooth with its deep cleansing properties. Plus, it is infused with rose gold extracts and other skin-replenishing vitamins to ensure your skin is kept in tip-top condition.

2. Facial mask – Nourishes the skin with skincare ingredients that are highly concentrated

Check out 24K Gold Masque! Known for its anti-aging and hydration properties, this luxurious masque improves the skin’s firmness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and provides a radiant glow to your complexion. 

For our body: 

Our body is our temple and how we treat it reflects back at ourselves. And yes, while quick showers will do the trick in removing impurities, our skin may be stripped off of its moisture and not be as nourished with essential ingredients. 

Instead, try out SW1 bathe crème that is free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and parabens. This shower crème create a rich lather that gently removes impurities while maintaining the skin’s moisture levels. Make sure to pair it up with SW1 body crème which gently moisturises the skin. Available in Amber & Vanilla and Sea Water & Rosemary.

For our intimates

What matters on the inside is just as important on the outside. Don’t neglect the insides just because it is not out for an appearance! Keeping yourself clean on the inside makes you feel good on the outside. 

Introducing Bloom & Refresh, which is formulated with nourishing ingredients such as organic rose and lavender oil. This refreshing mist keeps everything that is happening below under wraps with its quick and effective hydration effects. Plus, it is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. 

For the most optimal benefit, use it together with Bloom & Bare that has anti-aging properties. It helps to restore the moisture contents while softening the skin with hyaluronic acid. 

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