With our hectic life schedule, there may be times that we would have to neglect certain aspects of our lives. However, when we fall behind on our beauty maintenance, the signs become pretty obvious as it is visible on the skin. 

Thankfully, there are skin investments that make it worthwhile for its short and long-term yields. But it begs the question – how long can these effects last? When considering beauty treatments, this is usually the biggest concern for individuals. While every treatment affects vary for each person, there are various ways to prolong the results such as having a consistent skincare routine or keeping yourself hydrated.

Let’s take a closer look at three non-invasive aesthetic treatments that individuals can use to prolong the results:

1) Maintaining your facial looks – Infinity Instalift 

Facial Thread lifts, better known as Infinity Instalift has been a trending anti-aging treatment for its non-invasive procedure! With the use of dissolvable threads, it rejuvenates the skin by creating a lifting and tightening effect. Over time, these threads will stimulate the production of collagen while it is being dissolved into the skin, achieving the desired results with a natural appearance.

To prolong these results, it would be recommended to: 

– Moisturise diligently: A lightweight moisturiser in the mornings and a heavy-duty moisturiser at night
Eat a balanced diet: Incorporate healthy high-fat foods such as salmon, avocados and walnuts, into your meals to achieve glowing and youthful skin
– Get touch-up treatment like dermal fillers: These fillers can enhance specific areas of your face, such as fuller lips, more pronounced cheekbones and defined jawlines. With its zero downtime, it helps to refresh your look in a jiffy

2) Improve the tone of your muscles – Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

Feeling a little out of shape? If your body has lost its tone, Magnetic Muscle Sculpting can help you get back on track! This treatment works by contracting the muscles through the activation of motor neurons in the target area. This, in turn, enhances your muscle tone by firming and defining the muscles.

To prolong these results, it would be recommended to:

– Engage in an active lifestyle: No pain, no gain! This treatment specifically targets the muscles and is unable to deal with the potential fats that can be gained. By keeping yourself active, you will be able to keep your body weight in an ideal range while maintaining a low percentage of your body fats
– Eat healthily: Make sure to take foods that are low in added sugar, saturated fats and sodium. Also, incorporate whole grains (oats or brown rice), lean sources of protein (codfish or chicken breast) and dairy products (milk or yoghurt) into your diet
Reduce levels of stress: With long periods of stress, you may pick up unhealthy habits like smoking or overeating

3) Removing unwanted hair – Candela G-Max

Do you find yourself caught in a hairy situation? Remove unwanted hair permanently with Candela G-Max! This laser hair removal treatment effectively takes out the hair follicles painlessly and does not cause redness nor post-inflammatory pigmentation from burns. This makes it perfectly safe for all skin tones. 

To prolong these results, it would be recommended to:

– Shave off the hair regularly: Do not bleach, pluck or wax as these methods remove hair by the roots, which reduces the efficacy of your next laser hair removal treatment
– Get touch-up treatments: Completely eliminates hair growth

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