When it comes to our skin, I am pretty sure we can all agree on one thing: we all wish for a healthy glow, which resemble signs of youthfulness and good health. Essentially, one’s skin can glow naturally when it is being freed from environmental aggressors such as pollution and dirt and dead skin cells. But how can the skin achieve its natural glow?

With a proper skincare regimen, of course! While it is pretty common advice to cleanse your face entirely to remove the excess dirt on your face, there are other factors to consider too.

1)  Exfoliate regularly

Did you know? If your complexion starts to look dull and feel a little rough, it could be due to the build-up in the layers of dead skin cells. By exfoliating, it helps to shed those layers while clearing out the dirt, excess oil and clogged pores. This, in turn, gives you clear, glowing skin. 

In terms of the frequency in exfoliation, the following is recommended for different skin types:

  • For oily or combination skin, it would be advisable to exfoliate twice a week.
  • For normal, dry or sensitive skin, it would be advisable to exfoliate once a week.

Introducing Sleep Mode Skin Renewing & Smoothening Gel! With its key ingredient, glycolic acid, it is able to increase the rate in exfoliation of dead skin cells while providing moisture. In addition, this oil-free moisturising gel is able to fight off bacteria and reduce oiliness and fine lines. 

2) Moisturise with care after cleansing your face

By moisturising diligently, it locks the water content in your skin and heals the skin’s dryness or oiliness. Most importantly, it can reduce the chances of developing skin’s problems while encouraging a glowing and youthful appearance. It is highly recommended to apply moisturiser when your skin is freshly cleansed as it is able to lock in extra moisture.  

Meet Water Lift Water Lifting Glow Cream! Packed with three main ingredients, retinol, azelaic acid and hyaluronic acid, this power-lifting cream is able to nourish the skin, prevents future acne outbreaks, soothes inflammation and reduces wrinkles. 

3) Adding some Vitamin C to your skincare routine

The hidden secret to glowing skin ironically exists in our everyday life – Vitamin C! Containing citric acid and powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C helps to brighten your skin, boosts collagen levels and lightens blemishes. No wonder it is a popular ingredient among skincare products!

Check out Vitamin C Elixir! With Vitamin C at its purest form, this brightening serum ensures long-lasting glowing effects as it protects the skin from oxidation and reduces UV damage. Plus, with its ability to support cell turnover rate, it gives the skin a firming effect as well.  

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