One of the unsightly messes to clean up would be the amount of hair that unwittingly decorates the house, especially hair clumps that form after a shower which can cause potential drainage clogging. While hair loss is an inevitable process, there are still habits that we can take charge of.  

Here are some common habits to bid farewell to reduce hair loss:

1. Foamy and fragranced shampoo

Don’t we all just love those shampoo that is therapeutic for our smell and touch? While it does smell great with lots of lather, it is actually not good for your hair! These shampoos contain sulfates, parabens and fragrances, which can cause irritation to the scalp, especially for those with an oily or sensitive scalp. This will eventually lead to a dry scalp, which is one of the factors leading to hair loss. 

Shampooing your hair is not just a mere process of keeping it clean. The right type of shampoo can stimulate hair growth with gentle ingredients that will not strip off the outer protective layer of your hair.

Introducing Voluminate Super Growth & Renewal hair wash that promotes new and healthy hair growth with two key ingredients, Minoxidil and Gingko Biloba. This, in turn, improves the thinning hairline and increases hair volume. 

2. Using dry shampoo

Sorry to burst your bubble but here is the harsh truth: Dry shampoo doesn’t actually clean your hair. The reason why your hair seemingly looks cleaner and fluffier is due to the alcohol and/or starch found in these dry shampoos that absorb the oil in your hair. But this is not equivalent to removing the oil and dirt like how shampoos and water do. 

In addition, overusing dry shampoo could lead to a bacterial infection in the hair follicle. This is due to the buildup of alcohol which can be found in these aerosol hair care products. It can also lead to breakage of hair fibers as your hair can get really dry in the long run. Advisably, you may want to limit your usage of dry shampoo to once or twice a week.

If there is visible hair damage due to dry shampoo, meet Hair Recovery Strengthening & Rejuvenating Serum! It restores the hair’s natural and shiny glow thanks to its ability to strengthen damaged hair. Plus, it is able to increase the length and volume of the hair shaft. 

3. Dyeing your hair too often

Yes, we get it – staying in trend with the latest hair colours sparks joy in your life! But dyeing your hair too frequently spells trouble for your hair! Excessive bleaching of the hair can cause the hair to turn white. This is due to the harmful chemicals found in these hair dyes products, like hydrogen peroxide, which cause permanent damage to the pigment that produces your natural hair colour. Instead, it is recommended to only dye your hair once or twice a year. 

For those who wish to cover their grey hair, check out White Hair Labo program! Studies have shown that it helps to stop and reverse the greying process of your hair by stimulating the production of your hair pigment. This, in turn, restores your hair colour. The best part of it all – this treatment does not contain any colouring substances and it includes home hair care treatments to achieve the most optimal results!

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