With us back to working from home comes some first-world problems. Especially when it comes to food. We can’t help but snack during our work hours or munch on tidbits to keep us company for our shows. Our biggest guilty pleasure is having our favourite comfort food (instant noodles) in the wee hours of the morning. 

From these examples, you can already tell that food plays a big role in our lives. And sometimes this can lead to gained fats. Despite all the effort dedicated to exercising, these stubborn fats won’t just go away. 

Can these stubborn fats be removed?

As a matter of fact, fats are burned through the release from the cell, lipolysis. The reason why stubborn fats are harder to get rid of is due to two reasons, (a) the release of fat is much slower and (b) they are more insulin sensitive, which means it is more prone to store up the fats. These stubborn fats are typically found in areas that are further away from your body core, making it harder to burn, even with extensive exercise.

Does this mean these fats are here to stay for good? Fret not, with the advancement of technology in the aesthetic beauty line, these fats can be removed – permanently. Here are 2 treatments that you can look into.

1) Supermodel Bodyfit Program 

Consisting of two non-invasive treatments, this body-perfecting program eliminates all traces of stubborn fats while firming all the right curves.

  • Coolshape: This fat-busting procedure is a great alternative to liposuction! With its method of utilising cold temperatures, it effectively removes fat cells in targeted areas of the body. It is an FDA-approved procedure and individuals can expect up to 20% of fat loss within a single treatment.
  • Dream body tone: Enhance the removal of stubborn fats while firming the skin! This no-nonsense body contouring treatment has two functions, (a) to stimulate optimal lymphatic flow with the use of a vibro-massage core, getting rid of fats deposits and (b) infuse potent skin-firming ingredients such as vitamin C, amino acids and peptides to create youthful, supple and elastic body skin.

2) Onda Body Magic

What makes this body-sculpting treatment effective would be its CoolwavesTM electromagnetic field, a special form of microwaves that selectively target and remove fat cells. This, in turn, increases cells metabolism, leading to fat reduction. In addition, its special microwaves stimulate the production of new collagen while immediately shrinking on collagen fibers, leading to more toned tissues.  

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