It is a well-known fact that signs of aging will start to become more prominent as we age. These signs can start to appear as early as your mid-twenties. Typically, the first indicators of aging would be more towards the face, such as wrinkles, dark eye circles and dullness of the skin. Subsequently, other areas such as the neck will start to get saggy and develop wrinkles, causing the skin to look older. 

While we are unable to turn back the clock on time, there are still preventative measures that we can take. Most individuals, however, tend to neglect the neck because most skincare products tend to place emphasis on taking care of the face. It is recommended to start taking proper care of your neck – it is better late than never!

Here are some beauty treatments specifically designed for the neck:

For a quick anti-aging session catered just for the neck, meet Contour Décolleté! This firming therapy focuses on rejuvenating your neck area with these essential ingredients: (a) peptides (b) Vitamin A, (c) Vitamin B3 and (d) Vitamin C ester. This, in turn, protects the skin from further sun damage while smoothing, firming and evening out dark spots on the complexion along the neck, chest and décolleté (neckline). 

If you desire a more pronounced lift and tightening in the neck area, check out Infinity Neck Threadlift! This procedure stimulates collagen to lift and tighten the sagging skin through the use of bio-absorbable PDO threads, which will safely dissolve over the course of 6 months. It’s a popular procedure for resolving issues like double chin, turkey neck and sagging skin. 

Alternatively, for home-care treatments, give the Gold Oil Retinol Vitamin A Anti-aging Neck Treatment a try! This anti-aging oil specialises for the delicate neck with its antioxidants and essential fatty acids from ingredients like retinol and jojoba oil that helps in skin rejuvenation.

Be sure to pair it up with Marvel Neck Drape V-Lifting & Age Reversal Neck Mask that reduces wrinkles and sun damage while providing skin tightening benefits, giving a more refreshed and youthful appearance to your neck area. 

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