There will be days where the responsibilities of the world can feel overwhelming and you feel like you are struggling to cope. Don’t beat yourself over it; this is considered to be natural for all of us to experience, especially in this pandemic. Instead, how about making some adjustments to pace yourself well? 

While it can be difficult to make these adjustments to our hectic lifestyle, we can change our mindset and how we choose to take on daily challenges. Here are some simple tips to follow to keep yourself going, even on a busy day:

1) Positive affirmation 

How we speak to ourselves matters. Sometimes, all it takes for us to push forward is a little bit of encouragement. If we truly believe in ourselves that we can achieve the things we set out to do, we will naturally find ways to learn to deal with obstacles. 

Practice self-talk by imagining that you are speaking to a child who needs someone to cheer him/her on. Always be kind and gentle to yourself, even on days where you feel you didn’t do enough. The important fact is that you tried your best.

2) Break down the to-do list

Feeling that there is a never-ending load of tasks? Start by breaking your workload into simple and difficult tasks and try to balance these tasks in between the day. Do not place all the easier tasks first, otherwise, you may lose motivation to finish the harder tasks.

3) Keep your appearance in check

If we want to start the day on a positive note, we have to make some effort in grooming ourselves. Our appearance is a reflection of how we see ourselves – look good, feel good!

For an easy skincare routine, make sure to cleanse your face regularly, moisture your skin and apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage. Next, add a bit of colour to your lips. Make sure to use some moisturising lip balm to achieve those glossy lips.

Remember to pamper yourself at the end of the day with some sheet masks!

4) Make time for your favourite things

At the end of a tiring day, be sure to make time to do the things you love. Be it to watch your highly anticipated shows or to spend time with a loved one. Be present in the current moment and let your troubles slip away.

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