When it comes to beauty trends, we can’t help but admire how Korean celebrities have managed to maintain flawless skin with nice facial features. From observing these celebrities, here are 5 beauty trends that Koreans love and how you can achieve the desired look:

1) Defined nose

For Koreans, an ideal nose is known for being small and pointy with a high bridge. This is perceived to be elegant and sophisticated. 

To achieve this look, check out Infinity Nose Thread Lift, a quick yet effective treatment to give your nose that extra height. Consisting of two nose lifting methods, Nose Bridge Augmentation & Nose Tip Augmentation, it is performed harmoniously to ensure the best results. 

2) Dewy complexion

Koreans adore the dewy complexion as it gives the impression of a radiant and healthy glow to your skin. 

With Water Drop Lift treatment, it helps to regenerate the skin by providing moisture content and skin tightening benefits. As a result, it effectively prevents signs of aging while improving the health of your skin.

3) Plumps lips

Typically, Koreans would prefer plump lips, with the bottom lip fuller than the top lip. The lip line should also face upwards, to give a smiling appearance. 

Consider doing lip fillers that focus on the definition and volume of the lips to bring out the desired shape that best suits each individuals’ facial proportions.

4) V-shaped face 

Most Koreans love a petite face, and the key features of a V-shaped face would be its delicate jawline and a pointed chin.

Known for its non-invasive method, V-Sculpt Facial Program is the perfect solution to achieve the look of your dreams! With 3 different variations that include anti-wrinkle injections and treatments that are specifically for facial contouring, our aesthetic doctors can advise you accordingly to cater to your needs.

5) High cheekbones 

High cheekbones are a sign of beauty and youth for Koreans and are considered to be attractive.

Introducing Cheek Sculpt that uses fillers to add volume and definition towards the natural prominence of the cheeks. This gives individuals the appearance of higher cheekbones while maintaining a natural look. 

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