Feeling that your skin condition has not been the best lately? Time to cater for some self-care! It is not an excuse to say that you don’t have the time for beauty. What if I tell you that there are beauty treatments out there that take at most an hour to solve your beauty concerns?

Interested? Here are some quick and effective beauty treatments to check out:

Anti-wrinkle injections (15 minutes)

Have you been feeling stressed? Noticing some wrinkles forming lately? Fret not, our anti-wrinkle injections are here to rescue!

Inserting a form of purified protein, these injections help to smoothen the wrinkles to give individuals a more refreshed and youthful appearance. It only takes 15 minutes and you will be out in a jiffy!

Fast fix facial (30 minutes)

Feeling that your face needs a quick cleansing session? Check out our Fast-Fix facial, which keeps your skin in tip-top condition!

This facial consists of ultrasonic deep cleansing packed together with infusions of vitamins and serums to prevent further breakouts, sagging and pigmentation. Taking only 30 minutes, this makes it perfect for a quick beauty session! 


Water Drop Lift treatment (60 minutes)

Noticing your skin has been a little dull recently? Meet our latest Water Drop Lift treatment that gives individuals that dewy look effortlessly! 

By deeply moisturising the skin, this treatment gives a healthy glow to your complexion while providing skin tightening benefits. This, in turn, effectively prevents signs of aging. 60 minutes is all it takes to give you a radiant complexion!

Bonus: 24K Uplift facial (90 minutes)

Wishing you could turn back the clock for your face? Introducing our 24K Uplift facial that promises to sculpt, lift and refine – making individuals look inexplicably youthful!

This hybrid facial uses clinical ultrasound skin lifting technology with cold laser, which helps tone the skin. Together with a skin exfoliating aqua-dermabrasion and vitaminized skin infusion, this facial is the perfect remedy for revitalized and fresh skin. Restore your youthfulness in just 90 minutes!

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