When it comes to hair concerns, common topics like coping with hair loss, dealing with grey hair or removing unwanted hair are widely discussed. However, to understand these issues, we must first understand the root causes. 

Hair follicles, which is a fundamental part of our hair concerns, have not been highlighted. If they are left untreated, it can contribute to the development of serious skin conditions like acne. 

To put it simply, hair follicles are the area where oil glands can be found and its main function is to hold the thin strands of hair in place. As sebum can be potentially built up, it is of upmost importance to cleanse this area entirely. Otherwise, it can result in an inflammation on the skin, leading to skin concerns like acne or even permanent skin damage like scarring. 

Other reasons such as shaving can also lead to recurring infection of hair follicles. It could be possibly due to the fact that these hair follicles have grown out to the point where it can sometimes curl backwards and penetrate the skin. This causes the individual to feel pain in these areas. In addition, it can cause the area to appear darker than usual.  

Thus, solutions like shaving will not solve the issue. Instead, it requires an entire removal to ensure these hair follicles will not cause any further concerns. 

Meet Removal & Revival Program that focus on these 2 key factors:

  1. To remove unwanted hair permanently 
  2. Brightening and exfoliating the areas affected by hair follicles 

Using a series of gentle yet restorative pigment lightening and skin brightening laser, transform your skin to regain your confidence with a clearer complexion in no time! 

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