Christmas is coming in a matter of a few weeks – how fast time has passed! Now is the perfect time to get your loved ones something special – particularly an advent calendar. To put it simply, these calendars are a great gift, considering it is a countdown to Christmas and it gets everyone in a good mood from the surprise they get each day!

Most importantly – it is not just a random selection of items. Instead all of these products are specially curated, making it a perfect gift that is catered to that special someone’s taste.

Here are some advent calendars to check out for both ladies and gents respectively:

For the ladies 

1) For skincare enthusiasts

Skincare is self-care and they aren’t wrong! For those who love to pamper their skin, meet  SW1 2021 Advent Calendar! Considering its range from full-sized skincare products to 50% off discounts vouchers for facials and treatments, I would say it is a great steal! Time to bless their skin to end off the year on a good note!

2) For scent lovers

Time to tickle the senses with Jo Malone London Advent Calendar! With their wholesome collection varying from candles, body care and best of all – their most adored colognes, you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

For the gents

1) For party go-getters

Get this Christmas party started with Master of Malt Gin Advent Calendar! These gins are specially selected gin from 9 different countries and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser – entice your taste buds from the classics to bold and new flavours!

2) For the coffeeholics

Feeling the need for a strong cup of coffee each day? Fret not, introducing Hook Coffee 2021 Advent Calendar! Be dazzled with their 24 unique coffee flavours, from all-time favourites to exclusive Christmas blends!

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