After months of not being able to hang out in groups of 5, the restrictions have lowered for us to see our besties! Better yet, it is just in time for Christmas! While all of this means well, some of us cannot help but be stressed about buying the “right” gift, especially if it is on a tight budget. Fret not, here are some suggestions to check out under $40:

1) For beauty queens

People always did mention – Beauty comes with a price! But it does not mean it needs to be expensive. 

Introducing Dewy Love Kit ($30)! With its 3 essential skincare products, it promises to give the complexion a dewy glow which Koreans adore:
– Rose Ginseng-Infused Brightening Facial Toner: Formulated with ginseng and rose blossoms, this toner consists of anti-aging and brightening properties that allow to smoothen out the appearance of rough complexion and uneven skin tone.
– Unicorn Tears Adenosine Enriched Collagen Essence: Its key ingredient (Adenosine) helps to protect the skin from free radicals while recharging the skin cells to restore its natural glow.
– Skin Drink Softening & Replenishing Serum: Harnessed from pure naturally-sourced olives, this non-comedogenic serum is rich in antioxidant that helps in skin rejuvenation with its deep hydration properties.

Alternatively, meet Clear Me Mini Me Facial Kit ($40) that starts the skin off on a clean state with 3 key products:
– Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub: Packed with champagne extracts and antioxidants, it eradicates dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing naturally
– Earth Angel Blemish Control Masque: Specialised made for oily and blemished skin types, this powerful masque helps to tighten enlarged pores and improve blood circulation while removing existing blemishes.
– Sapphire Peel Purifying Peel: With its ability to exfoliate the skin deeply, it clears clogged pores while preventing further breakouts.

2) For homebodies

With our work-from-home arrangement, many of us have gotten really comfortable in staying indoors. How about getting something special to make their place even cosier for the holidays? 

Check out Hooga Black Gift Set ($19.90) that includes a room spray, a scented candle and a reed diffuser. Available in Kenya Yuzu and White Tea & Ginger.

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