Ever since the Covid situation, the Christmas season is never been the same. With ongoing changes in the restriction measures, we can no longer hang out in big groups of 8. (5 people has been the maximum number for the longest of time).

While we should be thankful that we still get to meet others, we cannot help but feel lonely at times, especially if our loved ones are overseas. However, it does not mean we are all alone in facing this feeling. Here are some tips to cope with the Christmas blues:

1) Stay connected with your loved ones

Just because you didn’t meet your family and friends for the longest period of time doesn’t mean the bond has disappeared. Don’t carry the loneliness on your own! By sharing how you feel, it can help to open up to a deeper level of conversation in which everyone can share their feelings. 

Alternatively, you can show care and concern for them through text messages and video calls and checking in with them to see how are they doing. Besides, saying how much you miss them makes them feel truly loved and appreciated. 

2) Get yourself pampered

Christmas is the season of giving! This also means giving yourself the love you show for others. And no, it does not necessarily mean buying expensive gifts. Instead, how about getting some skincare products to keep yourself glowing for this festive season? 

Check out “May your days be merry and bright” skincare kit! These products are specifically chosen to help brighten your skin:

Rose Ginseng Ginseng-Infused Brightening Facial Toner – Its key ingredients, ginseng and rose blossoms help to refresh, recharge and restore the complexion, particularly dry and normal skin types.

White Plasma Whitening & Illuminating Serum – With its concentrated formula, this oil-free serum aims to improve the appearance of skin discolouration, such as sun and dark spots while balancing the skin tone with ingredients like Vitamin C.

Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub – Its champagne extracts, heals and protects the skin from environmental triggers like harmful UV rays. Plus, it doubles up as a mask and scrub to achieve a glowing and fairer complexion.

Water Infusion Mask – Deeply moisturises the skin while softening and renewing dull and tired appearance.

3) Bless your loved ones with surprises 

Thanks to all the delivery services, we can now order in something special – be it their favourite dessert or that branded bag which they have been eyeing on. 

*Pro tip: Order in a hearty Christmas to your loved ones and have a cute dinner meal over Zoom!

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