With half of the working population heading back to work, we cannot help but to feel a little bummed considering the festive season have recently ended. However, this does not mean everything is gloom – We can still use our time wisely to give ourselves a treat from time to time, be it lunch hours or spending some me-time during the weekends. 

What better way to ease the stress away with some quick facial sessions? In fact, facials aren’t just “pampering” sessions. Rather, it removes dirt and improves the skin’s complexion.

Having this in mind, here are some recommended facials to check out:

Check out our recommended facials: 

  • Fast Fix (30 minutes): Packed with infusions of vitamins and serums, it is a quick cleansing session that gives your skin a refreshing look!
  • Deep deep clean facial (60 minutes): A thorough cleansing session that unclogs the skin with an ultrasonic deep pore purging which includes a fruit acid wash and facial wrap. Say goodbye to the old you and hello to gorgeous!  
  • 717 Facial (60 minutes): Who said facials cannot make you look young again? Introducing this rejuvenating facial that targets the skin at the cellular level, boosting your skin resilience and its natural glow! With its key anti-aging agents like cell activators, it contains 7 kinds of growth factors and 17 amino acids for skin regenerating effects. Get ready for that glow-up of a lifetime!


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