With the Lunar New Year approaching, there will be some of us who will be visiting our elders to pay respects while catching up with our cousins (provided that we abide by the five-person rule of visiting per household, of course). With exciting things to look forward to, such as feasting our all-time favourite steamboat and playing with your mahjong kakis, it seems no one is going to shut the party down.

Except for the times which we cannot avoid our “thoughtful” aunties who will ask about our relationship status and make unnecessary comments about ourselves. While sometimes they actually don’t mean any harm, it can hurt our self-esteem.

So how should we crib with this situation? Here are some tips on how we can boost our self-confidence:

1) Evaluate whose opinions matters

Ask yourself this: How often do you see your relatives? Have they always been encouraging or criticising your life choices?

Truth to be told, what matters is how you think about yourself! Generally, people don’t get the big picture that is happening in your life. More rather, sometimes they piece bits and pieces of information they have heard to make a statement about you.

So, would you rather listen to the people who don’t know you well even, or see yourself as a work of progress and try your best to do better?

2) Try out some beauty solutions that are quick and effective

If looks are a big concern of yours, it can affect your self-confidence. After all, we are facing ourselves each day! It does not unnecessarily mean for a whole makeover – instead, how about checking out some beauty treatments that can rejuvenate your appearance?

For facials – Hepburn Hydrafacial
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For aesthetic treatment – Forever Young BBL
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Using high-intensity light in short blasts, it increases skin elasticity as new collagen is formed. This renews the complexion as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced while pores sizes and acne scars are minimised.

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