Beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. However, we cannot deny the fact that signs of ageing aren’t the best appearance on us. Our desire to remain “forever young” comes from the fact it can affect how we view ourselves in terms of our self-esteem and confidence. While ageing is inevitable, there are still ways in which we can cope with it.

Typically, people will try to gauge our age based on one’s complexion, which ideally should be bright and clear. To achieve a radiant and youthful look, here are some beauty recommendations to try out:

For skincare products

1) Facial Cleanser – Eliminate any traces of dirt, excess oil and pollution on the surface level of the skin

Recommended product:

Skin Laundry III Refresh Sapphire Cleanser – Packed with sebum-controlling fruit enzymes and blue gold extracts, this refreshing facial cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh while improving the complexion.

2) Facial Scrub – Helps to remove dead skin cells for a clearer complexion

Recommended product:

Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub – Its champagne extracts, heals and protects the skin from environmental triggers like harmful UV rays. Plus, it doubles up as a mask and scrub to achieve a glowing and fairer complexion. 

For beauty treatment

Infinity Instalift

Also known as face threadlift, this anti-aging treatment has been trending for its non-invasive procedure! Using dissolvable threads which is the same material used in surgical sutures, it rejuvenates the skin by creating a lifting and tightening effect. Over time, these threads will stimulate collagen production while dissolving into the skin, achieving the desired anti-aging results that make it possible to maintain a natural appearance.

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