Thanks to the advancement of skin care products and beauty treatments, we now value and take good care of our looks While it is a personal choice to make changes in our appearance, it does give a confidence boost from certain insecurities we may be facing. Do consider carefully before making such big decisions as these changes may be permanent. 

However, if you find yourself feeling unsure about making any enhancement to your looks, you can check out dermal fillers. Made from hyaluronic acid, these fillers help to smooth out lines and wrinkles, improve definition and contours and add volume in the areas where ever necessary. This gives the face a more refreshed and rejuvenated glow.

So, what makes fillers such a popular choice for aesthetic treatments? Why their reversible effects, of course! They can be dissolved with the use of Hyalase, an enzyme that breaks up hyaluronic acid, a substance used in fillers. Once it is broken down, it will be naturally expelled from the body.

Keeping all these good points in mind, here are some telltale signs to take note of in order to determine if the fillers are done right.

1) Not noticeable at a first glance

Primarily, dermal fillers are supposed to subtly enhance your facial features while keeping the natural look. No one should be able to tell the difference while giving off a youthful appearance.

2) The fillers placed are in line with your facial proportions 

With an experienced doctor, rest assured that he will develop a filler treatment that will balance and complement your facial proportions based on the assessment of your natural features.

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