In recent years, men have come to appreciate their own beauty and have started to place more emphasis on taking care of their skin as they desire to look young and refreshed. This is due to the fact that fine lines caused by UV exposure, deep forehead creases and drooping in the mid-face will become more apparent over time. Specifically for men, shaving can cause the skin to be irritated and may result in razor burns, ingrown hairs and acne breakouts. 

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To maintain their natural appearance in the long run, a proper skincare routine must be in order for the skin to glow naturally! Here are 4 easy steps to kickstart your skin journey:

1) Gently cleanse the face (Key ingredient: Salicylic acid)

Cleansing keeps your face clean from traces of dirt, excess oil and unwanted skin cells. Particularly with salicylic acid, it can as a pre-shave exfoliant as it removes dead skin cells from the pores. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this powerful antioxidant reduces redness and inflamed pimples. 

 Meet Skin Laundry III Refresh Sapphire Cleanser! Formulated with salicylic acid with sebum-controlling fruit enzymes and blue gold extracts, this refreshing facial cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh while improving the complexion.

2) Moisturise the skin to hydrate and soften the skin (Key ingredient: Hyaluronic acid) 

Moisturising your skin helps to hydrate and soften the complexion. Peculiarly, hyaluronic acid has the ability to lock the moisture in our skin. This, in turn, increases the hydration levels that makes the complexion radiant. 

Check out Water Lift Water Lifting Glow Cream! Paired with hyaluronic acid and retinol, this power-lifting cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles while providing deep hydration to the skin.

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3) Use a serum to repair the skin (Key ingredient: Vitamin C)

Due to environmental stressors like air pollution and UV rays, the skin’s condition will eventually deteriorate. This is where serums come in handy as their active ingredients are able to treat specific skin concerns such as acne, uneven tone and texture, wrinkles. 

Vitamin C contains citric acid and powerful antioxidants that help to boost collagen levels, lighten the blemishes and most importantly, reduce UV damage! This leads to a brighter complexion.

Introducing Vitamin C Elixir! With Vitamin C in its purest form, this brightening serum protects the skin from oxidation, ensuring long-lasting glowing effects. In addition, its ability to support cell turnover rate gives the skin a firming effect.  

4) Apply sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful sun rays (at least SPF 30)  

Sunscreen isn’t just meant for outdoor activities – they also help to prevent dark spots and melasma to develop. Cultimuliatve exposure to the sun without any protection will result in skin damage. Thus, it is recommended to apply sunscreen daily with at least SPF 30 protection.

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