Oh no, it is happening again – The acne breakouts are starting to get out of hand. While these may cause some insecurities, there are skincare solutions that can fix it!

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Just in case you are stuck in a pickle, here are three golden rules to follow when the stubborn pimples refuse to go away:

Rule #1: Do not pop the pimple!

Whatever you do, do not touch the zits! As tempting as you wish it to pop it, it is not the best of solutions. Instead, it will become a scar. Especially for those facing acne, it is better to let pimples grow out on their own.

Similarly, there has been a rising trend that band-aids can create a protective barrier over the pimples while removing excess oil. However, it does not replicate the effects of effectively removing these zits.

Rule #2: Ice those zits!

As weird as it may sound, ice may help reduce the swelling of the pimples. It may also reduce redness. Make sure to cleanse your face before applying the ice that is wrapped in a thin cloth.

Rule #3: Use the right ingredients for your skin!

In order to improve your skin condition, it would be recommended to know what skincare ingredients to use for your skin. The most suitable ingredients for acne concerns would be these two key ingredients: benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is a form of beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), which is able to penetrate deeper into the skin to remove excess sebum and allows easier absorption of other ingredients.

Meet Skin Laundry III Refresh Sapphire Cleanser, a refreshing facial cleanser that deeply detoxes the skin and dissolves any potential clogs that cause acne. In addition, it contains blue gold extracts and sebum-controlling fruit enzymes that improve skin complexion.

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