With the spring season beginning to bloom, it is time to give yourself a little treat! What better way to give yourself a makeover with some beauty treatments. With the use of the latest medical technology, these aesthetic treatments deliver quick and effective results.

Prepare yourself for a transformation with these beauty treatments:

1) Youth Illuminage Program
– Profhilo (Restore youthful glow)
– PDRN (Anti-ageing effects)
– Water Drop Lift (Dewy look)

For those who seek to preserve their natural appearance, the Youth Illuminage Program would be suitable for you! Combining Profhilo with PDRN, PDRN and Water Drop Lift, it achieves and maintains optimal skin health, firmness and radiance.

2) Trifecta Gold Program
– SylfirmX (Skin lifting benefits)
– LDM Triple (Refreshes one’s appearance)

Known for treating a myriad of skin concerns like melasma, deep scars and sagging skin, this anti-ageing combination is ideal for any beauty concerns. With the use of the latest skin firming and lifting technology of SylfirmX and skin rejuvenation benefits garnered from LDM Triple, prepare for the glow-up that your skin deserves!

3) Lustrous Skin Program
– Fraxel Light (Remove blemishes & discolouration)
– LED Red (Reduces redness & skin sensitivity)

Tired of dealing with pigmentation and resistant pores? Our brilliant complexion perfector is here to the rescue! Harnessing the potential of Fraxel Light microlaser peel technology and LED Red Photomodulation therapy, let your skin be renewed with fresh luminous clarity with a silky touch.

Bonus: Intimate Renewal Program
– Fraxel Light Renewal (Smoothen skin texture)
– BB Aquatouch Whitening Laser (Brightens the skin)

Feel good both on the inside and outside! Enhance your inner beauty and wellness with our curated feminine treatments that restore the intricate region to its former glory with its whitening and cellular renewal benefits.