There is no surprise that all of us want to stay beautiful with the least maintenance. This explains why we would try the latest beauty trends for the best fit with our very own skin. While Tiktok has many quick and easy hacks to follow, it does not necessarily mean that it will be suitable for your complexion.

But how do we differentiate which beauty hacks work for you? Let’s take a closer look at these beauty Tiktoks and their efficacy.

1) Slugging beauty trend: Retain moisture levels in the skin

Most suitable for dry skin types, slugging is a K-Beauty skincare trend that covers the face with petrolatum or Vaseline. Typically, it is applied right before your beauty sleep in order to wake up to smooth, baby skin.

Using petrolatum or Vaseline does wonders for your complexion as it is occlusive, which acts as a physical barrier to prevent the moisture on your skin from escaping. However, these products are not exactly the solution for acne-prone skin.

Reason: This method requires multiple rounds of applying these products, which could clog up the skin’s pores. Plus, considering these products have a thick formula, they trap the oils and may result in breakouts.

Verdict: Instead, try to find other occlusive alternatives such as waxes (carnauba and beeswax), silicone and oils (olive and soybean).

Meet Sapphire Balancing Facial Oil! With its key ingredient – Jojoba oil, it contains wax ester that maximises nourishment as it penetrates into deeper layers of the skin. This, in turn, helps to balance your complexion.

2) Contouring your mouth: Gives the illusion of fuller lips

Right off the bet, it does sound questionable. After all, contouring is meant to be used for the cheek areas. However, if you manage to get the right contour shade that works with your skin tone, all you need is to blend the application on your upper and lower lips with a makeup sponge and ta-da, an instant lifted lip!

Verdict: While this beauty hacks works, however – let’s be real: Do we really got the time for this?

More rather, how about giving lips fillers a shot? These fillers are able to give the lips a plumper look with a cute pout! With its low to no downtown, this procedure is customisable towards one’s facial proportions and desired looks. Best of all, its effects are reversible if the results are not up to your standards.