Over the years, rather than following the latest skincare trends (all thanks to beauty Tiktok hacks), the majority have shifted their attention to achieving one goal in mind: For a healthier glow! Meaning to say, the complexion is able to shine on its own without little to no impurities.

Maintaining a healthy-looking complexion gives the impression of overall well-being and boosts one’s confidence with their very own bare skin. (Look good, feel good!) However, it will still requires some effort on your end.

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Not sure where to begin your skin journey? Here are some to-go skincare products to achieve a healthy glow:

Sleep mode Skin Renewing & Smoothening GelFormulated with glycolic acid, this oil-free aloe vera gel promotes natural skin renewal for two reasons. First, it effectively increases the rate of exfoliation in natural dead skin cells and secondly, it provides moisture to the complexion.

Blue Orchid Balancing MoisturiserInfused with pre and probiotics (synbiotics), it helps to rebalance the skin microbiome. This, in turn, restores your skin’s natural radiance! Plus, with its orchid extracts, it provides anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation benefits.

Copper Peptide AmpouleSupporting a wide range of skin health functions, this intensive clinical ampoule boost skin immune function and strengthen the complexion’s overall health. In addition, it is able to reduce signs of ageing.

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