Men and women alike have always been in the pursuit of looking their best in terms of appearance. This could be due to social settings or to boost one’s confidence in their looks. While there are many beauty trends to follow, not everyone is a perfect fit. However, there has been one particular trend which everyone could agree on – The desire to achieve healthy-looking skin! Meaning to say, the complexion is free of blemishes and has a natural glow that represents good health in general.

Not sure on how to go about taking better care of your skin? Here are some skincare tips to bring you in the right direction to healthier skin:

1) Protect your skin barrier

Essentially, the skin barrier has two main functions:
– Acts as the first line of defence against environmental aggressors (pollution and ultraviolet rays) and toxins.
– Regulates water loss, retains moisture, and keeps your skin hydrated.

If the skin barrier gets damaged, it will result in skin irritation with signs of redness, itching, and inflammation. It may develop skin concerns such as acne as it would be easier for bacteria to penetrate into the skin.

Here are 2 skincare recommendations to look out for to strengthen the skin barrier and achieve a natural radiant glow:

Sapphire Balancing Facial Oil: Deeply hydrates the skin while maintaining the moisture in the complexion.

Replenish Hydrating Facial Mist: Restores the skin barrier to its original state while calming and soothing the skin.

2) Boost the collagen levels

As we age, it is inevitable that ageing signs such as saggy skin and wrinkles will start to develop. One of the major factors for these symptoms derives from the loss of collagen over time.

It would be advisable to start taking action from your late 20s as a preventative measure. Check out these anti-ageing agents that specialise in increasing the production of collagen to restore your skin to its former glory:

Unicorn Tears Adenosine Enriched Collagen Essence: Recharges skin cells while reducing wrinkles and fine lines

Vitamin C Elixir: Protects the skin against UV damage while stimulating more collagen to form

3) Increase cell turnover

Skin cell turnover has the ability to make blemishes disappear as it removes dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. However, this turnover process will start to slow down as we age.

Rejuvenate your skin with these skincare favourites that promise to speed up the process of cell turnover by exfoliating and revealing your inner beauty:

Gold Flakes Illuminating Facial Scrub: Exfoliates dead skin cells while brightening the complexion

Sleep mode Skin Renewing & Smoothening Gel: Encourages natural skin renewal while promoting the growth of collagen