Weight loss has never been smooth sailing. Despite the strict diet restrictions and rigorous exercises you have been religiously following, you just cannot seem to lose the extra pounds. In fact, your appearance cannot hide these apparent gains in your body.

Why is it not as easy to lose weight?

Here are some possible reasons that could affect your weight loss process:

1) Certain exercises or diets may not be suited for you

While there are many guides that may suggest helpful tips to get your body in check, the reality is that it is not a one-stop solution catered for everyone. More rather than just trying out every means to get fit, here are some rules of thumb to follow in terms of dieting and exercise.

According to Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, the key factor in losing weight would be the number of calories you burn should be higher than your calorie intake. Thus, this highlights the importance of mindful nutrition practices and regular exercise. The following would be recommended steps to take on your lifestyle:

For dieting: To create a well-balanced meal, it is recommended to fill your plate with one-quarter of whole grains, one-quarter of proteins, and the remaining half with two servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
For exercise: A good 150 to 250 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week would help you maintain a healthy weight. Ideally, you will need to clock in above this range to lose weight. Try other activities like jogging or cycling for a start.

2) Our metabolism slows down as we age

To simply put it, metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) your body uses to maintain itself. Depending on several factors such as genes, everyone’s metabolism levels vary.

However, after the age of 20, inevitably the rate at which our bodies break down the food will decrease by 10 percent as each decade passes. This is due to causes such as loss of muscle mass which will result in calories burning at a lower rate.

So, does this means stubborn fats deposits are here to stay?

Fret not, thanks to the advancement in aesthetic beauty treatments, these fats are going to get removed – permanently. Here are 2 treatments that you can look into.

Supermodel Bodyfit Program
Consisting of two non-invasive treatments, this body-perfecting program eliminates all traces of stubborn fats while firming all the right curves.

Coolshape: This fat-busting procedure is a great alternative to liposuction! With its method of utilising cold temperatures, it effectively removes fat cells in targeted areas of the body. It is an FDA-approved procedure and individuals can expect up to 20% of fat loss within a single treatment.

Dream body tone: Enhance the removal of stubborn fats while firming the skin! This no-nonsense body contouring treatment has two functions, (a) to stimulate optimal lymphatic flow through the use of a vibro-massage core, getting rid of fats deposits and (b) infuse potent skin-firming ingredients such as vitamin C, amino acids and peptides to create youthful, supple and elastic body skin.

Onda Body Magic
What makes this body-sculpting treatment effective would be its CoolwavesTM electromagnetic field, a special form of microwaves that selectively target and remove fat cells. This, in turn, increases cells metabolism, leading to fat reduction. In addition, its special microwaves stimulate the production of new collagen while immediately shrinking on collagen fibers, leading to toner toned tissues.