When is the last time you had pampered yourself after a long day at work? As much as all of us have a hectic lifestyle, there should be times when you would give yourself a break. Otherwise, high levels of stress over a prolonged period of time can result in your appearance looking haggard and you yourself feeling burnout.

Taking care of yourself places you in a better mood while giving you the space to recharge. One of the very first steps to better love yourself would be to take care of your appearance. After all, you are the first thing you see in the mirror to prep yourself for the day.

If there are too many days that you have missed out on your skincare routine, what other alternatives are there to get your look back on the right track? Why facials, of course! Here are some recommendations facials to check out:

Clear Blue facial: Keep your acne under at bay with this anti-acne facial! To remove all traces of dirt and debris from your skin, a pineapple enzyme scrub is used first, followed by a deep sonic cleanse. The highlight of this facial would be using I-Clear photobiomodulation light therapy to provide anti-bacterial and pore-shrinking benefits to your skin. To ensure these acne pores are cleared, apple-based enzyme peel with gentle fruit acids is applied before ending off with an acne collagen mask to soothe the skin.

Womb facial: Restore your inner glow as this facial guides you through the healing process to embrace your inner child once more. Consisting of skin rejuvenation treatments like Triple LDM ultrasound therapy and gentle hypnotic rhythms to calm your mind, it creates a sense of comfort and peace and regains your confidence in your bare skin. Experience inner and outer healing to become whole again.