As we all know, skincare is self-care! When we take better care of our appearance, it helps us to put our minds at ease while gaining confidence in oneself. However, are you giving your skin the essential ingredients at the right time?

Just like our body, our skin is also dependent on the the circadian rhythm. This explains why our skin condition can differ in between the day and night. Thus, it is important to 1) personalise your skincare products based on your skin needs and 2) know when to apply these products.

Keeping this in mind, here are some recommended skincare products for morning and night routine

For Cleanser

For morning: Warm Vanilla Rose Vanilla Cream Cleanser – For a warm gentle cleanse
For night: Undo Super Gentle Foaming Cleanser – Remove makeup and debris entirely

For moisturizer

For morning: Latte Milk Moisturizer – Deeply hydrates and improves skin texture
For night: Crystal Clear Clarity Moisturizer – Reduce oil production

For serums

For morning: Cell Charger Glow Serum – Brightens the skin
For night: Power Lifter Timeless Serum – Provides anti-ageing benefits