Sexual intimacy is a big deal in relationships, especially if you have been in it for a while. As time makes love grow stronger, it also makes you and your partner familiar with each other – perhaps too familiar. Familiarity can quickly zap out the excitement and thrill in the bedroom. But before you go seeking a double personality, remember that there are many other ways to rekindle that spark. Let’s get down to business and talk about how you can improve sexual intimacy:

How important is sex in relationships?

Sex is essential in maintaining intimacy between partners, and studies also suggest that regular sex contributes to lower divorce rates. Aside from that, it also strengthens your bond with your special someone. Sex is a special, private moment that creates an exclusive connection in the relationship. It takes effort and time to know what satisfies your partner, and that’s what makes it even better. 

Also, it improves your mood, energy, and even your immunity. Health benefits also link to sex, such as reduced anxiety and stress levels. It can also decrease the risks of certain diseases, such as prostate cancer and heart diseases. 

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How can you improve sexual intimacy in the bedroom?

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. 

One of the biggest sexual turn-ons is when you feel desired by your beloved. So don’t be afraid to communicate this and initiate sex once in a while! It’s easy to slip into habits in which one person makes the first move every time, but switching it up is great. This makes your partner feel sexually appealing and adds excitement to the deed. It can stimulate creative sex and encourage you to explore new positions by altering the sex dynamic.

Try using toys. 

Toys such as dildos and vibrators may improve sexual excitement and pleasure in ways the human body cannot. They might feel awkward at first, so try it on yourself first before talking to your partner. After all, not everyone is into it, so give your beau time to adjust to it. Guide them and clue them in on how it works, then take it from there! 

Take your time with foreplay. 

Foreplay makes sex even more exciting, so relive the old saying “slowly but surely”. Besides, who can say no to all the good stuff that goes into foreplay? The caressing, kissing, and teasing increase satisfaction and the closeness of the whole moment. Get creative with foreplay, take your time, and think of the actual sex as the cherry on top. 

Communicate with your S.O.

Healthy communication is the key to every relationship, and this also goes for sexy times. Telling your partner what you want, how you want it, and when you want it improves your intimacy. It may appear awkward, and you may even hurt their feelings, but it’s critical for you two. And if your partner gives you instructions, appreciate the open, straightforward communication, and follow through.

See a doctor if you experience vaginal discomfort. 

It ruins the mood if you are not feeling good down there, so open up to a doctor about it. They can guide you about what to do or diagnose if it may be because of a medical condition. After all, your sexual comfort comes first, and it is best if you feel great from within. 

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