If there was anyone who has nailed the skincare game, it would be the Koreans. They have introduced us to a whole array of trends that revolutionised our beauty routines. From the 10-step routine to ampoules, there’s ample we have to thank K-Beauty for. And while we are on that topic, have YOU considered adding ampoules to your skincare?

Ampoules are like serums but better. Below we discuss ampoules and why you need to start adding them into your routine ASAP. 

What are ampoules?

Technically, ampoules are small vials that contain liquid medicine. But when it comes to skincare, ampoules are the supercharged version of serums. They come in small bottles with higher concentrations of active ingredients to tackle acne, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues. And since they have higher concentrations than serums, they are designed to work as fast as seven days. If you think about it, they are just like boot camps, but for your skin! 

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How should I use ampoules?

You should use them in between double-cleansing and toning. It’s also great to exfoliate beforehand since the dead skin cells and gunk sitting atop your skin can hinder absorption. Apply a little moisturiser right after to build a protective barrier and keep the actives from evaporating. Use a mask afterwards on days when your skin needs more attention (a.k.a. when it’s drier, breaking out, or duller). This will press the actives deeper into the skin, allowing them to work double-time. 

Take note: ampoules can cause sensitivity at first, so remember to use only a few drops.

Is it better than a serum?

Ampoules and face serums are both concentrated liquid skincare solutions that address skin issues. However, what sets them truly apart is their potency. Serums, though highly effective, are designed for daily use. Ampoules, on the other hand, are only for short-term usage. They both boost other skincare ingredients or treat a specific skin concern, although ampoules work faster than serums. 

Nevertheless, you can use ampoules with your serums to maximise the benefits. Just check with your dermatologist first or research the ingredients to know if they are safe together.

What are the benefits of ampoules?

They are travel-friendly. We all know the hassle when it comes to travelling – you can only pack so much. Ampoules come in small, travel-friendly bottles that you can carry anytime, anywhere! And since aeroplane rides can zap out the moisture in your skin, ampoules can bring back their supple glory. No need to pack a lot either since you get more skin goodies in every drop!

It works almost instantly. We have all been there – when we were too busy and had no time for a proper skincare routine. Ampoules can help you bounce back quickly since they work like lightning in rejuvenating your skin. You no longer have to wait for months for a dark spot to become one shade lighter!

The packaging is everything! Ampoules are packed in sealed, air-tight small bottles, making them practical and leak-proof! Plus, you do not waste any product since every vial is intended for single use.

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