If you had a fairy godmother to make your dream wedding come to life, what would you ask for? We’re certain the answer would be to become the most beautiful version of yourself on your big day. 

Your wedding is the beginning of your happily ever after, so it’s valid that you want everything to be perfect. But this blissful event also comes with stress and headache, especially with all the planning and preparation.

While we can’t make a wish-granting fairy godmother appear right now, we’re giving you the way to achieve your bridal glow. Here are some pre-wedding treatments to turn you into the most radiant bride ever!

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Hydrating Facial

Facials are perfect for when your skin needs an instant reset button. A facial treatment deeply cleanses your pores, removes acne and blackheads, and makes your skin smooth and plump. Go for hydrating ones that rejuvenate your complexion and soothe any wedding-related stress signs on your skin. Book a couple of sessions a few months before your wedding to help you navigate the perfect skincare routine. And don’t forget to schedule another treatment at least two days before the wedding. After a session, your skin still needs time to settle down, so you cannot apply makeup immediately.


Botox is great for brides who want to look effortlessly young and fresh on their big day. This popular injectable freezes your muscles to keep them from folding, which may cause wrinkles and fine lines. It leaves your skin looking tighter, smoother, and younger. Plus, it can add definition to your brows and make your pores look smaller. Just a friendly reminder: Botox is not a last-minute bridal prep. Its effects will fully set in two weeks after the treatment, so it’s best to book your Botox sessions at least two months before your big day. 


All those days of planning, meeting with suppliers & organisers, and fitting your bridal outfit may take a toll on your body. Wind down and ease your stress away with a well-deserved pre-wedding massage! It offers excellent physical and mental health benefits, such as relieving stress, anxiety, pain, and muscle tension. Just one to two hours of massage can make everything on your wedding to-do list feel less tedious. Here’s a tip: book a massage date with your future husband! A day at the spa with your significant other is a perfect date, as you can relax while enjoying each other’s company. 

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrows on fleek for the whole ceremony? Yes, please! Eyebrow embroidery is a technique wherein a brow artist implants pigment using tiny, disposable needles. It’s like an eyebrow tattoo, except it looks more natural and makes your brows look fuller and arched. The process usually takes two hours, but the downtime may last for weeks. Make sure to schedule your session at least a month before your wedding. Don’t worry about your eyebrow colour fading – the effects last up to 12 to 18 months!


Okay, this is technically another facial – but it’s more on exfoliation, and you can never go wrong with microdermabrasion! Also called a diamond peel, this procedure uses fine crystals to remove dead skin cells and resurface newer, healthier skin. It can also help treat acne, minimise pores, and brighten dark spots. This is the best exfoliating facial because it leaves your skin literally glowing! 

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