The ultimate skincare solution is at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. But when you can’t hit the snooze button, you have to make do – even if it means puffy under-eyes.

Thankfully, there are a few handy hacks that can rescue your tired eyes. Look no further, as we’ve put together easy ways to manage puffy eyes at home. No fancy gadgets, no over-priced products – just good staples and a few essentials(jade rollers are essential!). The complete cheat sheet is below.

Why do our eyes become puffy?

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, making them vulnerable to various factors that can change their appearance. Puffy eyes may be due to a plethora of causes, such as lack of sleep, poor diet, or seasonal allergies. It may also be because of your eye bags, which form when the tissues and muscles around your eyes weaken. This causes the skin to sag, and the fat naturally found around it moves into the area beneath your eyes. Also, the space beneath them can collect fluid, making them look puffy or swollen.

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How can I de-puff my eyes?

Use a cold spoon over your eyes.

This is an old household trick that works like magic! Store two clean spoons in the freezer and press them against your eyes for a few minutes. Tip: you can also bring an ice bowl to re-dip the spoons when they become warm. The logic here is simple: the cool temperature helps reduce puffiness by restricting the vessels. Plus, the pressure of the spoon against your skin improves the lymphatic drainage of excess fluid.

Go for products that have caffeine. 

Surprisingly, caffeine is more than just a quick morning pick-me-up – it’s also a miracle skincare ingredient! As a vasoconstrictor, it improves blood flow and penetrates your skin to reduce swelling. It can also help treat dark circles so you don’t look like you stayed up too late! Opt for cooling eye gels, patches, or creams with caffeine. Bonus: you can also refrigerate these products to add a cooling effect and boost their anti-puffiness properties!

Cut up some cucumbers. 

Remember those TV stars relaxing with cucumbers in their eyes? Turns out, it’s not just for aesthetics – it actually soothes puffy eyes! Cucumbers contain vitamins C and K, which can rejuvenate the skin and boost cell repair. They also have folic acid that can fight off environmental aggressors that make your eyes look puffy or tired. Lastly, it’s more than 90% water, so they are super hydrating as well.

Bring out your jade rollers.

Come on, at this point, we can all safely say that jade rollers are not a beauty fad. They massage and boost lymphatic drainage without dragging or pulling your skin and help your skin absorb skincare ingredients better. To treat puffy eyes with a jade roller, apply your eye cream first. Then, gently glide from the inner corner of each eye to the sides of your face. Afterwards, go downwards to drain any excess fluid. Repeat this for a few minutes to soothe the skin around your eyes. You can also use this technique for your serums and moisturisers.

Get more sleep.

Yes, we’re going full circle here. After all, nothing beats a good night’s sleep regarding skincare! Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep daily to reduce puffy eyes. It’s for your own good anyway, as your skin will significantly improve with adequate rest.

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