Backless dresses first came into fashion in the 1920s and became even more popular in the 1930s. Back then, sun tanning was all the rage, and backless dresses showed off a tan without the tan lines! Today, in 2022, they are the perfect ensemble if you want to look sexy without going over the top.

Backless dresses highlight your figure and give your style an edge. So, if you’re thinking of wearing one during the holidays, you will surely turn the right heads!

However, as stunning backless dresses are, back acne (or bacne for short) can take away all the fun. But what are we here for? We got your back – literally and figuratively – and we’ll help you say goodbye to these style-stealers. 

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What is bacne?

We are no strangers to acne on the face, but it’s not the only place you could see acne pop up. Our body is covered in skin (the largest body organ), which is full of sebaceous glands and pores. And when these pores fill up with too much dirt, sweat, and sebum, it leads to pimples. With bacne, it’s pretty much the same. When dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria build up in your pores, it causes an inflammatory response, leading to pimples.

How can I get rid of bacne?

We know – bacne can zap your confidence away. But there is no need to cover up; you can still slay your backless number. Here’s how:

Exfoliate regularly. 

Your back produces more oil than the rest of your body because it has more sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands, by the way, produce oil in the body to protect against dryness. Unfortunately, they also tend to over-produce, which causes clogged pores that lead to breakouts. Exfoliating your back regularly helps remove these excess oils to prevent future breakouts. Additionally, it gets rid of other debris on your skin, such as dead skin cells, sweat, and deep-seated dirt.

Swap out your body wash.

So you love the scent and creaminess of the body wash you’re currently using. But here’s the thing: it might be the main culprit for your bacne. It’s time to double-take on the ingredients of your body care essentials. Opt for zit-zapping ingredients like salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acid. These skincare acids not only calm acne flare-ups, but they also exfoliate your skin to prevent them from coming back. Plus, they can brighten and lighten your skin to blur your acne scars.

Wear clean, breathable clothes.

Bacne is often caused by too much sweating during physical activities. And while working out to look even better in your backless dress is top-tier holiday prep, take some precautions. After every workout, change out of your sweaty and dirty activewear. Dirty clothes can trap sweat, oil, and dirt, the triad that leads to acne breakouts. It is also best to exercise in loose clothing to let your skin breathe and reduce irritation.

Use spot treatments.

Spot treatments are also perfect for your back acne. If you have a go-to pimple patch or cream for your face, go for it! These treatments deliver high concentrations of acne-fighting skincare actives to soothe your zits in no time. Your best bets are those with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. We guarantee you; you can wear your backless dress just in time for Christmas!

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