The most wonderful time of the year is also the best time to take a well-deserved vacation. This Christmas, why not set off to your dream winter wonderland and cosy up to the cold weather?

But wait – thick winter coats are not the only thing you should bring; you also need winter-friendly skincare. While your usual skincare routine works in this humid weather, it’s a different set of rules when the temperatures drop. Today, we have the ultimate winter skincare guide for your holiday travel. Consider this our year-end gift to you this year because we want you to look your absolute best!

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How does winter affect your skin?

Ever noticed how your skin suddenly feels dry and flaky when it’s cold? You can blame that all on the air’s low humidity and moisture levels during winter. The harsh winds and dry air zap out your natural oils and weaken your natural barrier. This makes your skin more prone to flakiness, dryness, and irritation. If you suffer from eczema or rosacea, you may also notice that you’re flaring up worse than usual. Additionally, staying inside heated rooms to escape the cold could worsen the situation.

Should I change my skincare routine during winter?

The short answer is YES. The lengthy answer is, well, because your skin needs you to. Since your skin is much more delicate this season, you have to change your routine. Your usual skincare products will not suffice because your skin needs all the moisture it can get. That said, you need to opt for formulas and ingredients that will draw moisture into your skin and lock it in. Let us show you the way:

Step 1: Start with an emollient cleanser.

Come winter, you need heavier, thicker formulas that will help lock in moisture into your skin. So, when packing up your skincare essentials, leave your favourite foaming cleansers at home. Switch it with an emollient formula, like a cleansing balm, gel, or oil. These formulas have gentler, hydrating properties on the skin, so you don’t strip off any remaining moisture.

Step 2: Follow up with a gentle exfoliant. 

Two keywords about winter skincare: gentle and hydrating. Your skin must shed off dead skin cells and dry patches to supercharge cell renewal and improve complexion. Avoid using harsh and abrasive scrubs, as they will only exacerbate the problem. Instead, go for glycolic acid. This AHA is a top-tier exfoliant that cuts through clogged pores and gently exfoliates your skin.

Step 3: Amp up your moisturisers.

As we’ve said before, your skin needs all the moisture it can get to combat the dry air. We highly recommend using humectants. Humectants draw water from the air and deliver it to your skin for longer-lasting hydration. Our favourite humectant is hyaluronic acid, which carries up to 1000 times its weight in water. We also recommend using glycerine and aloe vera since they provide long-lasting hydration.

Step 4: Protect with SPF.

You’d think that if there’s no sun, there’s no need for sunscreen. News flash: winter is no excuse to skip SPF because your skin is just as prone to damage. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate the thick clouds, so you’re still exposed to its dangerous effects. Always finish your routine with sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin no matter the weather.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or the beach, you no longer have to worry about dry skin! With these tips, your skin will be hydrated and supple even in the coldest of weather. 

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