Now that the fireworks have faded into the distance, it’s time to get real with our 2023 goals. If anything, the new year means a fresh start to redeem our past failed resolutions. And while this year-long to-do list sounds overrated, it’s never that way when it comes to health and fitness. No matter the season, our overall health and wellness should come first.

That said, it’s time to let go of impossible and drastic weight loss goals. This year, we’re going for healthier and sustainable ways to stay fit. Now, grab your journals and get through these fitness resolutions with us!

Resolution #1: No more skipping breakfast!

Your past fitness routine may have included a strict fasting window, pushing you to skip breakfast altogether. But this 2023, we’re breaking that habit. After all, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day! Ensuring your body has enough calories throughout the day starts with a healthy, filling breakfast. Start your day with protein-rich foods like eggs, avocadoes, grains, and tomatoes. These will boost your metabolism and push you to eat fewer calories, which promotes weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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Resolution #2: Focus on flexibility.

It’s time to level up your usual stretches and focus on gaining flexibility. Aside from helping your body prevent injuries before working out, flexibility training also improves your overall physique. It allows you to move more comfortably while building strength and stability. This training is also helpful for improving your posture, balance, and muscle and joint pains. Yoga is our top recommendation for flexibility training, but you can also try mobility classes for a change.

Resolution #3: Let go. 

Starting anew means letting go of something. In this case, that means bidding goodbye to empty calories, such as soda, sweets, and fast food. The thing is, weight loss is more than just going on a diet. It’s also about committing to positive eating habits and ditching the bad stuff. This may sound impossible at first, but letting go of the bad stuff will make all the difference in your wellness. 

Don’t worry – you also don’t have to quit it right out. Focus on a healthier, more sustainable approach, like weighing out options. For example, when you’re craving a can of soda, ask yourself first. What would make you feel better: a can of soda or a glass of water? Doing this will improve your discipline and help you make better health choices in the long run! 

Resolution #4: Take time to meal prep.

True enough, it’s much easier to eat a salad every day or go out to eat. But if you want to lose weight (and keep it off, that is), you must plan and prepare. Preparing your meals ahead of time increases your chances of success. It will also help you consider which foods are healthier for your body and aid in weight loss. Plus, it ensures that no matter what, you have food right at the tip of your fingers.

Resolution #5: Work on your plank.

The plank is one of the best yet most challenging exercises. It’s really great for stability, endurance, and strengthening your core, but it’s not the easiest to practise and hold. This 2023, make it a part of your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions to practice holding your plank longer. Work on your form and train your body to hold it for a minute, as you slowly increase your time. Who knows – you might be moving on to side or elevated planks faster than you thought!

Resolution #6: Get help.

Can’t get to your goals on your own? It is okay to ask for or hire help and make a note to remember that. Whether it’s finding the right fitness trainer who understands your background or a health coach that can get your diet in order, there’s a world of skilful experts out there who can help.

Do you know who else can help achieve the best abs? Your aesthetic clinic! Speak to them about Magnetic Muscle Sculpting, Cryotherapy and other treatments that can help sort out your flab, tone muscles and lighten stretch marks.

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