Like you, we’ve always wanted in on our favourite celebrities’ beauty secrets. Coveting their glowing, bouncy complexion as they strut off the red carpet has always been like a hidden passion of ours. Thanks to modern beauty treatments, though, we’re one step closer to finding all the answers!

From Thermage to Botox microneedling, these revolutionary treatments will help you achieve glowing skin ready for the red carpet. Let’s uncover what these treatments entail and how they work, below.


Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment that helps tighten and contour your skin and make it look younger. The RF technology heats the collagen deposits deep inside your skin. Once the collagen heats up, your skin produces more collagen, making your face look firmer and plumper. The RF technology also uses cooling vibrations to promote comfort while the RF works on your collagen deposits. No pain, just glowing skin!

Another reason why celebrities love Thermage is that it’s a speedy procedure – it only takes 30 to 90 minutes! It also gives instant results without downtime, so you can jump right back to your to-dos after a session.


Ever wondered how our favourite stars achieve their highly coveted curves? Well, more than their strict workout routines, there’s also CoolSculpting to thank. CoolSculpting is Hollywood’s most popular fat reduction procedure today, as it phased out liposuction and the scars it leaves behind. Also called cryo lipolysis, it’s an efficient method to remove stubborn fat using below-zero temperatures. 

Here’s how it works: your doctor will place a freezing-cold device on the target areas for 35 to 60 minutes. These cold temperatures will then work on destroying up to 25% of the fat cells in the area. As the fat cells break down, your immune system gradually eliminates them. You’ll most likely notice the results in two to three weeks.


Ultherapy is another skin-tightening method that many Hollywood celebrities have been patronising. In fact, Friends star Jennifer Aniston is a huge fan of this treatment! In fact, Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved non-invasive skin tightening & lifting procedure today. It targets loose, sagging skin and wrinkles around the face, chin, and jawline to promote a more youthful appearance. 

This treatment works by stimulating layers of your skin with micro-focused ultrasound to produce new collagen. The ultrasound helps restore the lost volume in your problem areas, so your skin looks firmer and more toned.

Editor’s Tip: Ultherapy provides results that can last up to two years but can last even longer if you boost your collagen production! You can do this by adding collagen-rich foods to your diet, such as fish, berries, and bone broth. 

Botox Microneedling

Botox is more like an open secret in Hollywood by now, as most of today’s celebrities swear by it. This cosmetic injectable freezes the muscles in your face to prevent them from folding, which causes wrinkles and fine lines. Microneedling, on the other hand, is relatively new, but it’s just as promising in fighting the visible signs of ageing. Still, it’s more famous for its ability to treat acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores. But when these two come together, they become just as invincible in the world of cosmetic treatments. 

This cutting-edge skin rejuvenation technique makes your skin smoother and brighter, with tighter pores and less sebum. It uses micro-injections of Botox to minimise the pores and transform your skin back into its youthful glory. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, this is the perfect option.

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