We’re getting a bit fed up – with how hot it is, and how it’s affecting everything from our skin to our hair! While we always remember to carry our trusty sunscreen wherever we go, most of us forget that our hair is just as prone to sun damage as the rest of our body. Plus, even a harmless dip in the pool to cool off can turn your gorgeous locks into a frizzy nightmare. 

Today, we’ve rounded up some valuable tips to help save your tresses from this summer-induced dilemma. Keep reading to enjoy healthy, gorgeous hair while frolicking under the sun!

How does the summer heat affect our hair?

The scorching summer heat may help you get that perfect bronze tan, but it’s not our hair’s best friend. The intense humidity zaps out all the moisture in your strands, making your locks frizzy and dry. Moreover, the UV rays emitted by the sun target the outermost layer of your hair. Like the skin, the hair comprises multiple layers that get weaker as they get exposed to UV rays. This is why your mane looks dull, and you have more split ends during the hot summer days!

Another nemesis during this season? The sea. While swimming in the waters is refreshing, its high salt levels can weaken your locks. Thus, your hair becomes more prone to damage and breakage and looks limp and lifeless. Freshwater, though it has lower salt levels, often has bacteria and microbes that are also bad news for your mane. 

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How can I protect my hair in the heat?

Get a trim. 

If you want healthy hair all summer, you have to start by getting a trim every four to six weeks. Trimming your hair removes split ends that would otherwise worsen and travel up your shafts. This way, you can quickly control any damage and restore your healthy locks. It also helps promote healthy hair growth by eliminating all the troublesome parts. Now, your locks can divert all of their energy on growing beautifully!

Treat your hair with a hair mask.

Hair masks may require you to stay in the shower for a few more minutes, but it’s all worth it! Unlike shampoos and conditioners, hair masks go deeper into your strands to repair damage and restore your crowning glory. They contain higher concentrations of natural oils and antioxidants that help strengthen, moisturise, and smooths frizz.

However, if you’ve recently dyed your mane, it’s best to wait a few days before applying a hair mask. This will help prevent the colour from immediately fading since you want it to sit in as long as possible. 

Apply SPF to your hair.

If you think you only need SPF on your skin, you’re wrong – your locks need them just as much! Before heading out, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair spray that contains a good enough amount of SPF. You can also use a hair mask or sunscreen product specially designed for your hair type. Remember to wash them all off once you get home, though, since it can lead to greasy scalp build-up.

Wear hats and scarves. 

Your summer hats are more than just an accessory since they also protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays! If you’re going to be out in the sun all day, consider bringing a hat or scarf to wear over your head. Now, you look cute and stylish while staying protected all day!

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