Awwwwwright guys, fess’ up. We’re all getting a little bored holed up in our homes now… and we still have at least 3 more weeks to go. Even sleep has become boring for some of us.

Flexible working hours, a few weeks of leave, and not having to lose the fight against time to make that 9am meeting are certainly privileges that I would LOVE to have… just not under these circumstances.

With the restrictions that come with the circuit breaker (which may or may or may not be extended), I’m already starting to find even sleep boring.

But as they say, when life gives you lemons…you do what you have to do with it. The silver lining in the midst of all the boredom? My skin getting to breathe freely because every day is #barefaced day.

And of course, I HAD to do some online skincare shopping, and keep up to speed with the latest products hitting the market

Here are some of my choice picks for my skincare haul.


Flawless Complexion Clearing Serum, USD$81

One of my main insecurities when it comes to my complexion is the enlarged pores stemming from my bad acne phase during my pubescent years.

Enlarged pores are the hardest to conceal even with mad makeup skills, The only way to address this flaw… is Flawless.

This aptly named product address 3 skin problems in one fell swoop, reducing sebum production, clearing pre-existent breakouts and of course, close up those enlarged pores that will give your skin the much-coveted glass skin effect.

Added to cart!


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DMAE Gel Face Firming Activator, USD$78

So DMAE might look like a misspelled word, but the anti-aging effects this product gives your skin are anything but an erroneous.

This uniquely named component is skincare’s new superhero, delivering concentrated doses of age-reversing agents onto your skin to give it a visible tautness and a deserved lift.

Also contains the exfoliating qualities 24K Gold Flakes to give dull and pallid complexions the radiance to top it all off.  


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SW1 Royal Jelly Essence, USD$68

Like its name suggests, this is essentially chicken essence for the skin.

Formulated with royal jelly extracts combined with a cacophony of essential fullerenes, vitamins and minerals, this product is perfect for this circuit breaker period, where your skin is bare and barely exposed to environmental pollutants and UV damage.

The watery texture of this essence gently glides onto the skin and rehydrates it extensively, and is also the perfect antidote for skin irritation, which I suffer from time to time.

Had to have this!


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New Products Galore

With everyone just restricted to shopping online during this stay home period, the SW1 Shop has been rolling out new products and offers ever so often, I had the site bookmarked.

If you’ve ever been guilty of neglecting your skin due to your punishing hours at work pre-circuit breaker, what excuse do you have now that you’re stuck at home for the whole day?

No better time than now to be a #domesticgoddess!


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